The best restaurants in Oslo (Norway)

Hard Rock Cafe Oslo
  • VippaOslo

    Akershusstranda 25 0150 Oslo Norway
    Vippa is a food market with the ambition to bring together cultures through cuisines. Vippa, strategically located at the Port of Oslo, is the host of multiple food stands conveying sustainable and diverse food offers to Oslo's increasingly bustling foodscape. The project is a social and business model to facilitate and integrate immigrants and young aspiring food entrepreneurs into the social fabric of Norwegian culture. Since the opening in April 2017, the focus of the project has been to create ...
Døgnvill Burger Vulkan
Dattera til Hagen
Illegal Burger
  • Theatercaféen

    Stortingsgaten 24 0161 Oslo Norway
    We have been one of Oslo’s most popular places to eat and meet for more than 100 years. You will feel at home in our buzzing and lively atmosphere. This is a relaxed place, equally appropriate for drinking a glass of wine or for dining. Our chambre séparée or private room seats up to 36 people and is a perfect venue for smaller events. Our bar counter provides a pleasant option if you are on your own.
    Price range: Expensive
Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri
Dinner Restaurant & Bar
  • Dinner Restaurant & Bar

    Stortingsgaten 22 0161 Oslo Norway
    Dinner Restaurant has served food from our Szechuan and Cantonese kitchen in the heart of Oslo since 1989 and are proud to continue offering our guests an exciting journey through Chinese food culture. Traditionally, the Chinese meal consists of many different dishes that are shared between guests at the table in order to create a more social dynamic around the meal time. Our menu is structured in such a way that this style of eating is possible with us. Please ask ...
    Price range: Expensive
Lille Herbern, Sjørestaurant og uteservering
Aye Aye Club/ Tortuga
  • Liebling

    Øvrefoss 4 (Markveien) 0555 Oslo Norway
    Berliner'ish café with coffee, food, funny things, and quote: "great toilet to take a poo."
    Price range: Inexpensive
  • Smelteverket

    Vulkan 5 0178 Oslo Norway
    Soul's Kitchen closes at 22:00! Heart & Soul TABLE BOOKINGS: ARTIST BOOKINGS: SPECIAL EVENTS: Smelteverket is situated right on the banks of Akerselva river, in the basement of Mathallen in the Vulkan area of Oslo (entrance from the bridge and from inside Mathallen). The premise used to be an old train track production plant and the interior is a testament to this. Today it’s a long, cosy, rustic venue for food & drinks & entertainment. We’re open 6 days a week and can ...
    Price range: Moderate
Funky Fresh Foods
BAR Tjuvholmen
Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri
Oslo Mekaniske Verksted
Bølgen & Moi Briskeby
Big Horn Steak House
Brasserie France
Døgnvill Burger Tjuvholmen
Døgnvill Burger
Ling Ling Oslo
  • Ling Ling Oslo

    Stranden 30 0250 Oslo Norway
    With an innovative cocktail list, small plates of Cantonese dishes and an eclectic electronic soundtrack, Ling Ling is a unique restaurant and bar experience from Hakkasan.
    Price range: Expensive
SüdØst Asian Crossover
  • SüdØst Asian Crossover

    Trondheimsveien 5 0560 Oslo Norway
    We prepare food from both Asian and European cuisine as Asian Crossover to offer our guests a unique and exciting dining venture. Our venue is designed to offer a comforting setting for all social occasions and ensure that everyone has a good experience.
    Price range: Moderate
Bølgen & Moi Tjuvholmen
Burger Joint Aker Brygge
  • Burger Joint Aker Brygge

    Holmens gate 3 0250 Oslo Norway
    Burger Joint er et nytt restaurantkonsept på Aker Brygge i Oslo der rock'n roll møter en verden av gode burgere laget av de beste råvarene. Bak det nye konseptet står Akershusgruppen, som driver flere av Oslos beste gastropuber. Vi tar dessverre ikke bordbestillinger. ABOUT BURGER JOINT Burger Joint on Aker Brygge in the heart of Oslo is the place where rock and roll meets the world of high quality burgers. Burger Joint is situated in Oslo's world famous sea side shopping, dining and ...
    Price range: Moderate
St. Lars
Olivia Tjuvholmen
Skur 33
Engebret Cafe
Trattoria Popolare
Cargo Sørenga