Monuments and Landmarks in Oslo (Norway)

  • Storting

    The Storting (Norwegian: Stortinget [²stuːʈiŋə], "the great thing" or "the great assembly") is the supreme legislature of Norway, established in 1814 by the Constitution of Norway. It is located in Oslo. The unicameral parliament has 169 members, and is elected every four years based on party-list proportional representation in nineteen plural member constituencies. A member of the Storting is known in Norwegian as a Stortingsrepresentant, literally "Storting representative". The assembly is led by a president and, since 2009 five vice presidents ...
Oslo City Hall
  • Oslo City Hall

    Oslo City Hall (Norwegian: Oslo rådhus) is a municipal building in Oslo, the capital of Norway. It houses the city council, the city's administration and various other municipal organisations. The building as it stands today was constructed between 1931 and 1950, with an interruption during the second world war. It was designed by architects Arnstein Arneberg and Magnus Poulsson. The building is located in the city center, in the northern part of the Pipervika neighbourhood, and it faces Oslofjord. Oslo City ...
Nobel Peace Prize Concert
  • Nobel Peace Prize Concert

    The Nobel Peace Prize Concert (Norwegian and Swedish: Nobels fredspriskonsert) has been held annually since 1994 on 11 December, to honour the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The award ceremony on 10 December takes place in Oslo City Hall, while the concert has been held at Oslo Spektrum, with the attendance of the laureate and other prominent guests. The Concert is broadcast to a global audience and reaches up to 350 million households in 100 countries. In 2015 a new distributor was ...
Yara International
  • Yara International

    Yara International ASA is a Norwegian chemical company. Its largest business area is the production of nitrogen fertilizer, however it also encompasses the production of nitrates, ammonia, urea and other nitrogen-based chemicals. The company was established in 1905 as Norsk Hydro – the world’s first producer of mineral nitrogen fertilizers – and de-merged as Yara International ASA on March 25, 2004. Yara is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has its headquarters in Oslo. The company has around 13,000 employees, ...
  • Fram

    Fram ("Forward") is a ship that was used in expeditions of the Arctic and Antarctic regions by the Norwegian explorers Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdrup, Oscar Wisting, and Roald Amundsen between 1893 and 1912. It was designed and built by the Scottish-Norwegian shipwright Colin Archer for Fridtjof Nansen's 1893 Arctic expedition in which the plan was to freeze Fram into the Arctic ice sheet and float with it over the North Pole. Fram is said to have sailed farther north (85°57'N) and ...
Ullevaal Stadion
  • Ullevaal Stadion

    Ullevaal Stadion (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈʉlːəvɔl]) is an all-seater football stadium located in Oslo, Norway. It is the home ground of the Norway national football team, and the site of the Norwegian Cup Final. From its opening in 1926 to 2009 it was the home ground of FK Lyn and from 1999 to 2017 was a home ground of Vålerenga IF. With a capacity of approximately 28,000, it is the largest football stadium in Norway. The national stadium is fully owned ...
Norsk Hydro
  • Norsk Hydro

    Norsk Hydro ASA (often referred to as just Hydro) is a Norwegian aluminium and renewable energy company, headquartered in Oslo. As of 2016, Hydro is one of the largest aluminium companies worldwide. It has operations in some 50 countries around the world and is active on all continents. The Norwegian state owns 43.8% of the company through the Ministry of Trade and Industry. A further 6.5% is owned by Folketrygdfond, which administers the Government Pension Fund of Norway. Norsk Hydro ...
Royal Palace, Oslo
  • Royal Palace, Oslo

    The Royal Palace (Norwegian: Slottet or formally Det kongelige slott) in Oslo was built in the first half of the 19th century as the Norwegian residence of the French-born King Charles III of Norway, who reigned as king of Norway and Sweden. The palace is the official residence of the current Norwegian monarch while the Crown Prince resides at Skaugum in Asker west of Oslo. The palace is located at the end of Karl Johans gate in central Oslo and is ...
  • Gjøa

    Gjøa was the first vessel to transit the Northwest Passage. With a crew of six, Roald Amundsen traversed the passage in a three-year journey, finishing in 1906.
Barcode Project
  • Barcode Project

    The Barcode Project is a section of the Bjørvika portion of the Fjord City redevelopment on former dock and industrial land in central Oslo. It consists of a row of new multi-purpose high-rise buildings, that was completed in 2016. The developer is marketing the project as "The Opera Quarter." There has been intense public debate about the height and shape of the buildings.
Vigeland Sculpture Park (Vigelandsanlegget)
Oslo Cathedral
  • Oslo Cathedral

    Oslo Cathedral (Norwegian: Oslo domkirke) — formerly Our Savior's Church (Norwegian: Vår Frelsers kirke) — is the main church for the Church of Norway Diocese of Oslo, as well as the parish church for downtown Oslo. The present building dates from 1694-1697. The Norwegian Royal Family and the Norwegian Government use the Cathedral for public events. It was closed for renovation in August 2006 and re-opened with a festive high mass on 18 April 2010.
Oslo Opera House
  • Oslo Opera House

    Kirsten Flagstads plass 1 0150 Oslo Norway
    The Oslo Opera House is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theatre in Norway. The building is situated in the Bjørvika neighborhood of central Oslo, at the head of the Oslofjord. It is operated by Statsbygg, the government agency which manages property for the Norwegian government. The structure contains 1,100 rooms in a total area of 38500m2. The main auditorium seats 1,364 and two other performance spaces can seat 200 and 400. The ...
Statoil Fuel & Retail
  • Statoil Fuel & Retail

    Statoil Fuel & Retail was a Norwegian energy retail company, formed by the 2010 separation of the downstream business of Statoil ASA into a separate listed company. The company has 2,300 fuel retail stations in Scandinavia, Poland, the Baltic Countries and Russia as well as significant lubricants and aviation fuel operations. It was listed as a separate company on the Oslo Stock Exchange on October 22, 2010. On 18 April 2012 it was announced that Alimentation Couche-Tard would buy Statoil Fuel & ...
Bislett Stadium
  • Bislett Stadium

    Bislett Stadium (Norwegian: Bislett stadion) is a sports stadium in Oslo, Norway. Bislett is Norway's most well known sports arena internationally, with 15 speed skating world records and more than 50 track and field world records having been set here. The original stadium was demolished in 2004 and construction of a new stadium was completed by the summer of 2005. The New Bislett Stadium was designed by C.F. Møller Architects.

    DNB ASA (formerly DnB NOR ASA) is Norway's largest financial services group with total combined assets of more than NOK 1.9 trillion and a market capitalisation NOK 164 billion as per 20 May 2016. The Group includes brands such as DNB, Vital, Nordlandsbanken, Cresco, Postbanken, DnB NORD and Carlson. DNB's head office is located in Oslo. The two largest owners of DNB are the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry (34.0%) and Sparebankstiftelsen DnB NOR (10.0%). The latter was created as ...
Oslo Spektrum
  • Oslo Spektrum

    Oslo Spektrum is a multi-purpose indoor arena in east central Oslo, Norway. It opened in December 1990. It is currently owned and operated by Norges Varemesse. Oslo Spektrum is primarily known for hosting major events such as the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert, the Eurovision Song Contest 1996, and concerts by artists of national and international fame, such as Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Cher, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera, Anastacia, Spice ...
Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Oslo Stock Exchange

    Oslo Stock Exchange (Norwegian: Oslo Børs) (OSE: OSLO) is the only independent stock exchange within the Nordic countries and offers Norway’s only regulated markets for securities trading today. The stock exchange offers a full product range including equities, derivatives and fixed income instruments.
  • Bjørvika

    Bjørvika is a neighborhood in the Sentrum borough of Oslo, Norway. The area is an inlet in the inner Oslofjord, situated between Gamlebyen and Akershus Fortress. It serves as an outlet for the river Akerselva. Since the 2000s, it has been undergoing urban redevelopment, being transformed from a container port. When completed, the Bjørvika neighborhood will be a new cultural and urban center in Oslo. The multi-purpose medium-rises of the Barcode Project dominates the skyline to the north; to the ...
  • Sognsvann

    0858 Oslo Norway
    Sognsvann is a 3.3 km circumference lake just north of Oslo, Norway.Lying just within the greenbelt around Oslo, the lake is a popular recreational area, used as a camping, picnicking and bathing destination for the residents of Oslo during the summer, as well as a cross-country skiing, skating and ice fishing destination in the winter. The trail around it is used for walking or jogging all year. Every year in August, swimming and running take part in Sognsvann as part ...
Inkognitogata 18
  • Inkognitogata 18

    Inkognitogata 18 is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Norway. It is located in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The residence was completed in 2008 and is a complex of new and old buildings. It includes the original buildings on Parkveien 45, Inkognitogata 18, Riddervolds gate 2, which have been connected with new structures, and the gardens of Parkveien 45 to 47. The private residence is in Inkognitogata 18 while the official residence and government representation rooms are in ...
Jordal Amfi (1951)
  • Jordal Amfi (1951)

    Jordal Amfi was an indoor ice hockey rink in Oslo, Norway, the first bearing that name. The venue opened in 1951 to host the 1952 Winter Olympics. Jordal was also the site of the 1958 and the 1999 IIHF World Championship. It would in the following decades also serve several boxing matches and concerts. Jordal Amfi was historically significant for Norwegian hockey and was home to 26 national championships of the GET-ligaen side Vålerenga Ishockey. It also hosted the Norway national ...
Gol Stave Church
  • Gol Stave Church

    Gol Stave Church (Norwegian: Gol stavkyrkje) is a stave church originally from Gol in the traditional region of Hallingdal in Buskerud county, Norway. The reconstructed church is now a museum and is now located in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History at Bygdøy in Oslo, Norway.
Intility Arena
  • Intility Arena

    Intility Arena, also referred to as Valle Hovin, is an association football stadium in Oslo, Norway. The stadium is the home stadium for the Vålerenga Fotball, currently playing in the Norwegian Premier League, and it has a seating capacity of 17333 people. The stadium plans were accepted by the city council of Oslo in 2014 and by EEA in June 2015. Construction started in August 2015, and the stadium opened in September 2017.
  • Oscarshall

    Oscarshall summer palace is located in the small fjord Frognerkilen on Bygdøy in Oslo, Norway.
National Gallery (Norway)
  • National Gallery (Norway)

    The National Gallery (Norwegian: Nasjonalgalleriet) is a gallery in Oslo, Norway. Since 2003 it is administratively a part of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. In 2017 admission cost 100 Norwegian kroner.
Blitz (movement)
  • Blitz (movement)

    Blitz is an anarchist, communist and socialist youth community in Oslo, Norway, founded in 1982. The group has often been criticized for their use of violent methods of political protest.
Dælenenga idrettspark
  • Dælenenga idrettspark

    Dælenenga idrettspark is a sports facility located at Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway. It consists of an artificial turf football pitch, a club house and an indoor ice rink—Grünerhallen. The facilities are owned by the Municipality of Oslo and used and operated by Grüner IL, the local sports club. The venue opened in 1916 and was originally used for football, athletics and speed skating. The club house was completed in 1928 and has since been used for martial arts. From 1929, a ...
Frogner Manor
  • Frogner Manor

    Frogner Manor (Frogner Hovedgård) is a manor house and former estate in today's borough of Frogner in Oslo, Norway. The estate comprised most of the modern borough of Frogner, which has been named after the estate, and Frognerseteren with parts of the Nordmarka forest (Frognerseterskogen). The remaining part of the estate is now the site of the Frogner Park, with the manor house found in the south of the park and the Vigeland installation in the park's centre. The 18th ...
Chat Noir
  • Chat Noir

    Chat Noir (French for "Black Cat") is a cabaret and revue theatre in Oslo, Norway. It was established in 1912 by Bokken Lasson. The current director is Tom Sterri.
Nobel Peace Center
  • Nobel Peace Center

    The Nobel Peace Center (Norwegian: Nobels Fredssenter) in Oslo, Norway is a showcase for the Nobel Peace Prize and the ideals it represents. The Center is also an arena where culture and politics merge to promote involvement, debate and reflection around topics such as war, peace and conflict resolution.
Embassy of the United States, Oslo
  • Embassy of the United States, Oslo

    The Embassy of the United States in Oslo is the diplomatic representation of the United States government to the Kingdom of Norway. A brand new Embassy was put into service in May, 2017. The current Embassy is located in Morgedalsvegen 36, near the Makrellbekken Subway Station, outside the central Oslo.
Old Aker Church
  • Old Aker Church

    Old Aker Church (Norwegian: Gamle Aker kirke) is a medieval era church located in Oslo, Norway. An active parish, the church is the oldest existing building in Oslo. The church is surrounded by Old Aker Cemetery.
Barratt Due Institute of Music
  • Barratt Due Institute of Music

    Barratt Due Institute of Music (initiated 1927 in Oslo, Norway) is a music education institute founded by the pianist Mary Barratt Due and the violinist Henrik Adam Due. It is a private foundation which receives government funding for parts of its activities. Located at Fagerborg in Oslo the institute offers music education from infant age through college levels. The institute's motto is "From music kindergarten to concert podium" and the students are educated through college level degrees and onto the professional ...
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway)

    The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norwegian (Bokmål): Det kongelige Utenriksdepartement; Norwegian (Nynorsk): Det kongelege Utanriksdepartement) is the foreign ministry of the Kingdom of Norway. It was established on June 7, 1905, the same day the Parliament of Norway (Stortinget) decided to dissolve the personal union with Sweden. The ministry is headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, currently Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide, who is minister in the Solberg's Cabinet that has governed since 16 October 2013. Between 1983 and October 2013, ...
Fjord City
  • Fjord City

    The Fjord City (Norwegian: Fjordbyen) is an urban renewal project for the waterfront part of the center of Oslo, Norway. The first redevelopment was at Aker Brygge during the 1980s. Bjørvika and Tjuvholmen followed up during the 2000s, while the remaining parts of the Port of Oslo will be developed in the 2010s. The port will be relocated to Sørhavna. The planning is performed by the Oslo Waterfront Planning Office. Major investments in the area include a new Central Railway ...
National Theatre (Oslo)
  • National Theatre (Oslo)

    The National Theatre in Oslo (Norwegian: Nationaltheatret) is one of Norway's largest and most prominent venues for performance of dramatic arts. The theatre had its first performance on 1 September 1899 but can trace its origins to Christiania Theatre, which was founded in 1829. There were three official opening performances, on subsequent days in September: first, selected pieces by Ludvig Holberg, then An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen, and on the third day Sigurd Jorsalfar by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.
  • Hovedøya

    Hovedøya is one of several small islands off the coast of Oslo, Norway in the Oslofjord. The island is quite small, no more than 800 metres across in any direction, the total area is 0,4 square kilometre. It is well known for its lush and green nature, with a wide variety of trees, bushes and flowers. For many, many years there was a military base on the island.
Bygdøy Royal Estate
  • Bygdøy Royal Estate

    Bygdøy Royal Estate (Norwegian: Bygdøy kongsgård) is a Kongsgård estate that occupies a large part of the northwestern part of the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo, Norway. It is the official summer residence of the King of Norway.
Christiania Theatre
  • Christiania Theatre

    Christiania Theatre, or Kristiania Theatre, was Norway's finest stage for the spoken drama from October 4, 1836 (opening date) to September 1, 1899. It was located at Bankplassen by the Akershus Fortress in central Christiania, in Norway. It was the first lasting public theatre in Norway and the national stage of Norway and of Oslo during the 19th century.
St. Olav's Cathedral, Oslo
  • St. Olav's Cathedral, Oslo

    St. Olav's Cathedral (Norwegian: Sankt Olav domkirke) is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oslo and the parish church of St. Olav's parish in Oslo, Norway.
Trinity Church (Oslo)
  • Trinity Church (Oslo)

    Trinity Church (in Norwegian, Trefoldighetskirken), is a church in the Hammersborg neighborhood in central Oslo, Norway. Trinity Church is neighbor of the government buildings in Regjeringskvartalet. It is the parish church of the parish of Trinity, belonging to the Diocese of Oslo of the Church of Norway. It is one of the largest churches in Oslo (1000 seats). The church itself is in the raw red brick, while the vaults, arches and small columns have gray scale color. The nave ...
  • Akerselva

    Akerselva or Akerselven (English: Aker River) is a river which flows through Oslo. It starts at Maridalsvannet in Oslomarka, and follows the urban areas Nordre Aker, Sagene, Grünerløkka, Oslo centre and Grønland, whereby it finally ends at Paulsenkaien and Oset in Bjørvika. The river is considered to be a part of the Nordmarkvassdraget, and has the watercourse number 006.Z. The entire river is about 8.2 kilometres (5.1 mi) long, and has a difference in elevation between source and mouth of ...
Frogner Church
  • Frogner Church

    Frogner Church (Norwegian: Frogner kirke) is a parish church in the Frogner borough of the city of Oslo, Norway. The congregation is part of the Oslo arch-deanery within the Diocese of Oslo in the Church of Norway.
Norwegian Computing Center
  • Norwegian Computing Center

    Norwegian Computing Center (NR, in Norwegian: Norsk Regnesentral) is a private, independent, non-profit research foundation founded in 1952. NR carries out contract research and development in the areas of computing and quantitative methods for a broad range of industrial, commercial and public service organisations in the national and international markets. NR's projects cover a large variety of applied and academic problems. NR has its offices near the university campus Blindern in Oslo, Norway, as part of what is known as ...